Saturday, March 31, 2007

'In Between' knitting

I have been knitting mainly small objects for myself and friends this week using up yarn from my embarrassingly small stash. This realisation prompted me to buy more yarn from trusty Spotlight and my LYS who are having a 40% off sale!! Generally, I don't bother with my LYS because I don't think the owner is very friendly. But a 40% off sale is too much too resist! I only bought a few balls of yarn because I only had like 15 dollars to spend, but I thought i did considerably well for how much I acutally bought. I will be going back on thursday when i have some more money!

Twilleys freedom Wool. $3.60 a skien (!) in a deep purple colour Planning to make the flying gloves from twinkles big city knits

Cleckheaton Merino Bambino in Red. $0.99 each! Planning to make Baudelaire socks By Cookie A from Knitty

Cheap Spotlight brand wool blend yarn
Planning to make a caliormetry headband from Knitty


SJ said...

What steals you got on that yarn! The Freedom wool felts really nicely, too, if you change your mind about what to do with it.

Austy's Mum said...

Wow - Bambino for $.99!! Where is your LYS? My LYS has cleckheaton merino supreme (sooooo soft for a pure wool!) out on sale atm as it is discontinued :( Cleckheaton are selling a yarn with 30% acrylic in it's place, so I'm not very happy... merino supreme is one of my favourite merino wools as it's soft but also not that expensive - but now it's a bargain at $3.40 for a 50g ball. Not many colours left though. It is the perfect sub for debbie bliss cashmerino aran, so I am going to make dashing gloves from knitty for both me and my friend.

Becky-Dee said...

Yer i thought that the bambino was super cheap! need to go back! I got it from spotlight. I have used merino supreme once as well but i can't seem to find it any more :( I remember it being very nice though! dashing would look great in it! what colour?