Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm getting published!

Yep! Thats right! I am proud as punch to say that one of my first designs will be avaliable to you in the December issue of Magknits. I am really happy! No hints yet, You'll have to wait!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Too little time

The past few days in Mount Gambier have been beautiful and warm. You can definitely feel that spring is in the air. I wonder if winter will get it's revenge and come and bite us on the bum?
It's Mount Gambier.

It seems strange that winter is coming to close already! I have only realised how many more sweaters and dresses I would like to knit and wear before the season is through. Now that it is coming into autumn in America all the magazines have shown fabulous new designs to tempt me!

Here are some patterns I am loving at the moment:

These three aren't new fall designs. They are from Rowan studio issue 1. The best part is that they can be sent to you via email though so no more expensive international shipping costs! Picture number 1 is the design I have chosen for all that pink mohair featured in my previous post. The yarn they used is kidsilk haze, doubled, so I am confident it should work out. Although, I am pretty sure the colour has to go. I'll look like a giant stick of fairy floss.

Here is a Phildar design which has been on my to-do list for a number of months now. I love the slouchy grandpa cardigan look it has.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Attack of the Pink Fluffy Mohair

I am swimming in pink knitting and yarn! have a look:

A whole three bags (30 balls!) of cleckheaton mohair 12 ply gifted to me by a friend who had another friend who was moving house and didn't want it anymore. Long live free yarn!

Remember this? Well it's been frogged. I decided after sitting in my drawer for two months without a single outing, it was time to turn it into something new. A teaser shot, can you guess what it is??

remember this experiment with jelly dyeing?? Well it's knitting up really well! I am so pleased with the colours and the stripes! The sock is a little known pattern called Jaywalker. I doubt you've heard of it ;).

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm a RGB

Im a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Thanks to mel for nominating me and leaving such a nice comment! Here are my favourite knit bloggers that I have nominated and why I like them:

Ysolda- I love her designs and sense of style. You can really see it shine through all of the things she makes. Ysolda inspired me to start designing my own patterns.

Luxe Loops - I like the projects she is knitting and her FO's turn out fabulous.

Knit Creations of a Curious Mind - I love how she posts knitwear featured on the runways. her blog is always a source of inspiration!

Joystitch Knits - I love the projects she makes for her gorgeous little boy! Her sewing and dying skills are great too!

Reunasilmukka - She makes beautiful sophisticated but simple knits. Go check out her 'Martha' cardigan! It looks amazing and luxurious.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Pattern: Jamesey by Mary Neal-Meador
Yarn: Moda Vera Merinos Fine 100% (14 balls)

This jumper turned out really great! Doesn't Dad look pleased? Although it is about three weeks late, I still thought it was quite a achievement to turn out a man-sized sweater in the amount of time I had. This simple sweater has drop-shoulder construction and no shaping so I was able to knit almost mindlessly in the round following the rib pattern. It looks really great and flattering on Dad and I am really pleased that he likes it!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Charade socks

Pattern: Charade by Sandra Park
1 skein Lorna's Laces sock in Navy

I finished these socks last night and I decided to wear them to sleep. They were really comfy but I woke to find them covered in pills form my flannelette sheets! I've just realised that these are the first socks I have ever made for myself because I have only ever knitted socks for others. I like the herringbone stripe pattern over them. More finished objects coming soon!