Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas Knitting

As the school term finally draws to an end this Friday, I decided to get underway with my plans for some knitted gifts for family and friends. As it is summer in Australia this time of year, I find it difficult to come up with knitted gifts because are they are generally for cold weather, although where I live, it doesn't hurt to have a couple of extra scarves.

So far, I am planning to knit 2 Elisa's nest totes and a Tilted Duster from Interweave Fall 07. Being the super organized person I am (not really), I have already bought the yarn:

Moda Vera bamboo cotton

Some more Moda Vera Bamboo/cotton for the string totes.

Tilted Duster from Interweave Knits Fall 07

My progress on the Tilted duster. The back has been completed. I am knitting with 12ply Rustic in a steely blue/grey called Delta from the Bendigo Woollen Mills.

What are your plans for knitted gifts this year?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back with a FO

I haven't been posting as regularly as I would like recently so to make up for lack of posts, I have a new finished project to show:

Pattern: Elisa's Nest Tote

Yarn: 2 balls Moda Vera Bamboo/cotton

Overall I am pretty pleased with the end result. It's not perfect but unbelievably practical. The yarn choice probably wasn't the best idea I have ever had. It nearly drove me mad while I knit with it. Bamboo/Cotton is made up of no less than 18 (!) different plies it was very splitty, although the finished fabric is really silky soft and lovely. I have found the perfect pattern for quick summer Christmas presents!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Catching Up: Magazines and Progress Shots

I know, Its been a while since I've posted. My excuse is school and a very badly timed flu.
What have i been up to apart from the end-of-year homework rush you may ask?
Good question, not much.
Well, not anything that I can show you at the moment anyway ;)
I have, however, bought some new knitting magazines as of late; Knit.1 fall 07 and Vogue Knitting Holiday 07. I have already started a project from knit.1:

I have completed the back and am up to the armhole bind-offs and I have been working on this for only a week! Although, it is pretty much mindless and I can watch a movie and knit at the same time :) The yarn, TLC CaraMia (yep acrylic but awesome amazing yarn) has been sitting in my yarn crate for quite a while. It's so squooshy and soft. My vision of the completed product is a sweater that I can put on that looks good and comfy.

Here are my favourites from the magazines:
Cropped cardi from Knit.1 (is that FUN FUR she is knitting with??)

Sparkle Tank from Vogue

Fair-isle sweater from Vogue

Thats all for now! Bye! (And yes, I know I still need to take a FO shot of Thermal)