Saturday, March 3, 2007

When the tough gets going.....Knit!

This week hasn't been the best. I caught the flu and have been feeling lousy. Lucky I know exactly what to do in this situation. Armed with the best hoodie ever, new yarn, and awsome sweater pattern and some pointy sticks i managed to pull myself through the week. Geez, I love knitting.

I have finished the back and nearly finished one of the sleeves. I am surprised how quick it is coming along. This is probably because when I was sick i sat in bed all day and knit. The lace pattern is quite easy to memorise and moves along very nicely. Sorry about the grainy pictures, there wasn't much light today.

The back before blocking: It looks huge. I hope it fits me! If it doesn't my mum has assured me that she will recieve it from me gladly, which is nice to know in a funny sort of way.


Austy's Mum said...

Wow - you mean business when you knit! I can't believe how fast this jumper is coming along - beautiful work. Love your new hoodie too - funky! I am having a shopping depression at the moment as I have JR's vouchers to burn (b'day and Chrissy pressies) but there's just nothing out there that I love right now since we are between seasons. Love your hoodie find though.

Lynne said...

Taht is beautiful knitting. I hope it fits you - you deserve it after all that work.