Thursday, December 27, 2007


I only just recently discovered Etsy; the wonder sweeping the D.I.Y. world. Unfortunately, I now spend an illegal amount of time browsing the numerous sellers wares. It is like a giant, colourful, online, craft market and I love that.

I was lucky enough to recieve some beautiful handmade copper earrings from my brothers. They are from susanmariedesigns.

Earrinngs from etsy

Earrings from etsy
It's got me longing to open a store of my own!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day

I hope you had an excellent Christmas. I sure did. An excellent day was had for all. Lots of laughter, food and presents.

Ipod for christmas.

Yarn for christmas

Schaefer eliane for christmas

Yarn for christmas


Totally and utterly spolit.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

last-minute problems

Hi all, and thank you for all your lovely comments left about my two new sweaters. It always really nice to when someone leaves a friendly comment!

I am running into some technical difficulties with my Tilted Duster. Firstly, I was knitting away and I thought I was simply speeding along. I had already finished the back, fronts and sleeves and believed that I'd get it done last weekend. Oh how wrong I was; the skirt took me forever. I only just finished it 5 minutes ago actually.

Secondly, I somehow messed up my calculations for the amount of yarn I needed (yardage to meter conversions I suspect!) and the skirt ended up being a little shorter than written. Hopefully I have got a small amount leftover from the sleeves under my bed somewhere.

I am trying not to stress too much because I don't think that knitting would be as quite as exciting without all the drama that comes with it.

Oh well. At least the buttons are pretty.

UPDATE! I completed the Tilted Duster today because I found some leftover yarn! hooray! I will write an FO post when I give my mum her present on Christmas Day.

Monday, December 10, 2007


Without futher ado, I give you Thermal!

Completed Thermal


Thermal by Laura Chau from Knitty Winter 06
16 balls of Merino Bambino in Off-white (on sale for 99¢ a ball!!)
Ravelry link to my version

I love this sweater so much! it's so light, warm and soft! It took me quite a long time to knit, but folks, it was totally worth it. I have had numerous people ask me I have knit it myself or I bought it. I really like this pattern in white and I know that it will go with everything I wear.

Thermal on the wall

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Boatneck sweater

Boatneck sweater completed

Yarn: TLC CaraMia

I did not modify this sweater apart from applying a different gauge (18 sts to 4" instead of 16 sts to 4 ") and knitting the sleeves in the round.

This sweater really didn't take much time to knit and took less than three weeks of regular knitting. The finished sweater is very plain and simple but is so comfortable! The yarn is so soft and squooshy so I wish I had more to use! I know of some people who would go mad knitting this as the whole sweater is stockinette stitch, but I found it really nice to sit down and knit mindlessly in front of the television after busy days.

Boatneck sweater

Boatneck sweater

This sweater is certainly not fitted and is quite roomy especially the sleeves and armholes. If you are thinking about knitting this sweater be warned that on the schematics it seems as though there is 0 inches ease around the bust in the body section. In reality, the raglan seams of this sweater come down past your bust so you are given a little extra room. The styling of this sweater is a wide boatneck so on me it slides down on one side naturally which I think it is designed to do. The sleeves are also shorter in length to accomodate this and the large raglan armholes. It is a nice realxed casual sweater.

Boatneck sweater completed

I apologise for the terrible photos! Lack of sun combined with my trusty camera phone did not produce very good images. Hopefully this Christmas I will be upgrading!