Thursday, December 14, 2006

The holidays are truly here!

Today I finished my school year! I am very glad and relieved. I need to go into school tomorrow and collect my report and clear out my locker. It will be interesting to see how many days I have missed this term! 20 is my record so far lol. Here is one of dad's socks. They are coming on nicely. I have tomorrow, saturday and sunday to finished the pair. I hope i get them done!
I will be going away on the 22nd and getting back just before the new year. might get another post in before then in between my frantic sock knitting.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The sleepy sleepy sleepy.....*yawn* knitter

The sleepy knitter has been extremely sleepy the last couple of days. and I mean REALLY sleepy. BUT! even though she is feeling crap she bought herself some new yarn and now her spirits are lifted a little for now.

These two are from and they are very soft and have a lot of loft. My parcel came very quick aswell only took 2 days! Yes, i know the red and yellow one is a bit bright but little bro likes things that way. The blue is lovely. The best part is they only cost 10.00 a hank for 100g. Bargain! These are going to become socks as a chrismas present for little bro no.2 and my dad. I should get them done in time. they are 8ply after all.

OOOOhh. My other bro fed one of my knitting needles to the cat on the weekend and now the tip has huge great bite marks on it. Mum says that he has to by me some new ones ;) yay! I think i will get some dpn's cos i need those most.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

It's a hot day.

WOW today was really hot! It was 40 degrees and it's only going to be 26 tomorrow, which is rather odd. I made some stitch markers today. When I needed to bake them i put just put them outside on a baking tray and they went rock hard. A good way to save energy! They are in the shape of a bagel and have 'cream cheese' on them. They also have a swarovski crystal on each. How cute are they? They are for sale on ebay. find them here

I have been knitting my summer top in summer tweed still. I have done everything I can without having to use a circular needle. I hope my denise set comes quick! I also ordered some handdyed yarn to knit some socks for my brother and my dad as one of thier presents for christmas.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Weird yarn. looks cool though

As soon as the Australian Cricket team won the second test against england I wound my hanks and started knitting a test swatch. I have come to the conclusion that this is a weird yarn. the oddest (is that a word?) i have ever knit with. I found this yarn to be rather stiff and difficult to knit with but after a while i got used to it. I is gorgeous but a bit different but i think well worth the effort for the effect it gives to the knitted product.

This is the waistband and the begginings of the bottom ruffle which is picked up and knitted. there is going to be around 300 sts after i have finished the ruffle so I'm going to want to change to a circular. I am going to buy myself a PINK denise set! I saw them in the knitters review newsletter. Mum likes the idea that they come in thier own container. What she actually means is that she wont have to pick up stray knitting needles all around the house ;)

one final thing. I have listed some stitch markers on ebay. They are cookies with a swarovski crystal on each. they are very cute and are made by me! Available in both PINK and YELLOW Find them here

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Christmas has come early. sorta.

Today I got my order from ColourmartUk! THe four pink ones are rowan summer tweed in nectar. It was cheap and i like the colour. I also bought a sample pack which will be cool to knit up with. I like cashmere already! The silk blend one is really soft aswell.

I am going to make this top with the summer tweed. It was in VK spring/summer 2006. Nice hey?

This also is in VK summer/spring 2006. I'm going to knit it in pure silk that I found on colourmart instead of lionbrand mircospun. I love this pattern. nice and different.
I'll show you how the summer tweed knit's up later. but for know i'm watching the cricket ;)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

YAy! I finished my exam.

Hi y'all! I just finished my exam for drama. I am happy. Now i have MORE homework to do. man, It never stops. ahhh well. The term is nearly over and the weekend is 2 days away.

I'll go chrismas shopping on the weekend and I need to buy myself some more clothes for summer. I hope i am going to be up to it. let's think positive shall we?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tis' the season to be stressed out

Is it just me or is everyone (Including myself) stressed out more than usual. I know I am. I have tonnes of homework to do and an exam on thursday. Thank god I'm only year 9! But still. And to think I only have one knitting project on the go! I can't remember the last time that ever happened. Gawd, I need a holiday (and some yarn!)

Here is my one any only project for the moment. It's a scarf (Duh) made in a handdyed merino yarn from Hawthorne Cottage yarns. It's colour No.28. Diagonal stitch pattern with seed stitch border made up by me!

Cant wait to get my new yarn, 4 hanks of Rowan summer tweed for a summer top. Should be here in a week. yay!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Woo, My first blog.

This is my first blog. ever. cool hey? after reading a couple other blogs, I though it would be pretty cool to start my own and ramble on about school, CFS and of course my knitting adventures. Well. That's all for me for now. Visit next time for the second installment of the sleepy knitter.