Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Productive Holiday

School starts again next week and I am looking forward to it because the musical starts! yay! I have gone shopping a lot this week and have picked up quite a few goodies as well as doing some sewing and completing a (small) project.

I have (another) magazine: Knit.1 Summer which has a couple of 'omg must knit these' projects in it like this:
A finished beret for my friend Mad who had been waiting a while for it due to my Dad's jumper commitments. She really likes it which is great!

Also, Vogue Knitting has their huge 200 page 25th anniversary magazine preview up which has quite a few really nice patterns for free from well known designers like Kaffe Fasset and Debbie Bliss. Go check it out.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hello Stranger.

The time that has passed since I have last posted have been packed full of great experiences. My week in Adelaide was fabulous! I learnt a lot and got a fair direction of what I should do if I choose to be an interior designer. I visited many shops and places including 'Studio Barcelona' a place to buy designer furniture where i discovered the 'Charles Eames' chair and the 'Barcelona' chair which i had never heard of before. I visited other shops which sell handles, glass and tiles. And of course, I had to visit Ikea. They had updated the fabrics and had some great sales on so I stocked up. This fabric was super cheap! The green one on the left is actually a huge print of clover in different colours

Perhaps a scrapbooking page is in order?

Last friday, I was lucky enough to go to Cirque du Soleil which were performing 'Varekai'. It was magnificent(!) and I reccomend you go if you are in Adelaide.

Also, My Dad's birthday has come and gone and unfortunately I didn't get his sweater done in time. I managed to get the whole of the body completed and seamed up so at least he could try it on after he had un-wrapped it.