Monday, April 2, 2007

Starting and Finishing

Since my last post I have finished my caliometry headband:

An felted ipod nano sock for a friend:

Started a Twiggy tunic out of the deep purple freedom wool I bought:

And have recieved some fabulous new yarn!

Rowan Polar (discontinued) in a pinky-purplish colour 'Frizzle' which I was planning to use as a sub for Twinkle soft chunky, but alas, it doesn't work! *I give up* trying to find a good sub I think i will just splurge and buy the reccomended yarn! I mean, If wenlan Chia uses it for all her designs it must be alright?


Madison said...

I have to say, it's TOTALLY worth splurging. It's amazing yarn and I don't think I'd find anything that was nearly as soft or nearly as nice as it is. It'll totally be worth the splurge. I PROMISE!


I think you should splurge also. I've used the Polar and believe me, I wasn't impressed with the finished item - pilling everywhere!

Gypsy Purple said...

Have a great and blessed

Corrie said...

wow I just ordered some filatura for that headband...think I made the right decision! looks great! love your knitting!

Amanda1 said...

The purple yarn is beautiful! Nice blog!