Sunday, August 5, 2007


Pattern: Jamesey by Mary Neal-Meador
Yarn: Moda Vera Merinos Fine 100% (14 balls)

This jumper turned out really great! Doesn't Dad look pleased? Although it is about three weeks late, I still thought it was quite a achievement to turn out a man-sized sweater in the amount of time I had. This simple sweater has drop-shoulder construction and no shaping so I was able to knit almost mindlessly in the round following the rib pattern. It looks really great and flattering on Dad and I am really pleased that he likes it!


cranberry said...

Whoa! Very impressive! I've yet to even *think* of knitting a jumper for my hubby. Well done to you.

Corrie said...

wow I am so impressed its not funny! firstly you started a jumper for a man, your dad, and you finished it! I look at many a jumper for my husband and then think no I'll never finish it! my poor mum waited 2 months for me to finish her birthday was no longer winter! you have dedication and I like that!

sue said...

I think your dad's jumper looks fantastic. You finished it so quickly too. Well done on a great accomplishment.