Friday, April 27, 2007

Out With The Old :: In With The New

Out: Halter Dress from Vogue Knitting Holiday 06:

As much as I love the design of this pattern my silly decision of a yarn choice managed to end this project prematurely. The CaraMia yarn was to drapey for the pattern and with the weight of all the knitting my dress sagged and as a result my gauge was scarily/crazily off. I might tackle this guy again sometime with a more suitable wool yarn.

In: Thermal From Knitty Winter 06:

The too-good-too-be-true price of Merino Bambino at my spotlight store prompted me start this sweater. I really like the design and the the low scoop neck so you can wear a matching (or contrasting) singlet underneath. It might take some time to get used to going back and forth from 15mm needles (for my twinkle) to 3mm needles, but I am assured all the time is well worth it! wish me luck!

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