Thursday, February 22, 2007

finishing is looming.....

My dress is coming along well. I actually finished the body/jumper part of it but then decided that it wasn't meant to be really fitted so then i frogged my cast off edge and knit another gore. I have nearly finished!
I really want to do a good job with the finishing and take my time so it looks neat. I had the idea that instead of seaming the sides of the dress together like the pattern suggests, i wont cast off and I will unpick the cast on edge on the other side and graft them together. like a 'after thought' seam. Pretty cool idea hey?

Oh, i ordered Rowan's All Seasons Cotton in 'Cookie' from cucmberpatch UK for this:
Pretty hey? It is out of a book i bought recently 'Knit #2' by Jo Sharp.
I will post pics of yarn when it gets here.


Austy's Mum said...

Wow, your dress is amazing! And this jumper is so gorgeous! I remember making something similar myself when I was in year 10 but it was out of acrylic (which I hate) as my Mum bought the yarn, and then when I went to enter it in the local show, she decided to press it under the iron... She melted the acrylic a tiny bit on one sleev making it shiny and squashing the gorgeous lace pattern. I think I'm scarred for life now as I haven't made a garment for myself again ever since (except for a hat and scarf that don't really count!). I love your dying attempts too. I bought some jelly the other day to give it a go but still haven't got the courage up. What are the tubs you used for the two colour yarn? Beautiful colours - I didn't think jelly would come out that bright - you have done well!

sue said...

I love that pattern, and I have the same book. I have actually seen a sample sweater in pink though, at Stitchery Blue in Williamstown and it looks so nice. I cant wait to see your color choice too.