Friday, February 2, 2007

dyeing yarn with jelly?!

Yup. and it works quite well actually and quite fun! I guess it is the Australian version of
Kool-aid yarn dyeing. Here are the materials i started with some jelly crystals (note: you don't have to use jelly lite, It was the only one that i had in the cupboard) and the yarn is just a one from my stash. I wound my ball of yarn into a circle using my swift them submerged it in a sink of warm water with a little bit of soap. I them emptied the packet of jelly crystals into a small ice cream container and filled the container with boiling water. I then put in my damp yarn. I zapped it for 4 minutes and hey presto! some cool yarn!

After it had cool i just rinsed it and hung it out to dry and then rewound it. easy as pie.

I might make the headband calorimetry in the latest knitty.

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Lynne said...

I've been experimenting with dyeing too (acrylic yarn in watered-down acrylic paint). It's fun isn't it?

I want to try dyeing wool next, so thanks for the 'heads up' on dyeing with jelly crystals.