Sunday, September 30, 2007

Handspun, Buttons and Socktoberfest!

This week has been super busy as I have been performing in my schools musical Disco Inferno (see original post here). We had five performances spread over three days and it was an absolute blast! Man, I love performing!

Winding down after the busy week (and the after party that ended at 2!) I sat down and did some spinning. Here is my first handspun! I am so proud of myself!

Fiber: Handyed English Lecister from here
Sport weight, 154 grams

Who doesn't love cute button pictures? Here are some buttons I have been buying lately. Click here to find out what I will be using them for.
And finally, It's socktoberfest! My first project is Baudelaire my Cookie. A. Once again, I am using Cleckheaton Merino Bambino.


abehap said...

well done on the handspun - very nicely spun! youll have to send a pic of it to the yarn museum ;)what will you turn it into?

Team Knit ! said...

Your first handspun is gorgeous- I love the colours! Looks nice and soft, too.

luv Abby said...

wow becky-dee what a beautiful and soft finsihed product on ur handspun well done. My sister is madly trying to learn how to spin, I am going to pass a link to ur blog onto her.... very inspiring!!
luv Abby