Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Birthday Time!

This long-weekend was the Queen's 'birthday' and also mine! I had a lovely day with my family and the food was great. I was utterly spoiled and received some pretty and useful knitterly and non-knitterly gifts. Thank You to my Mum, Dad, Nan, Pa, R, K and Perri for making my birthday such a special day!

Every year one of the highlights are my brothers cards. They are very funny and generally they pay out my love of knitting or my ebay habit. This years was no different and is certainly worth some blog space. He writes:

"It's official!

This is your only material possession which doesn't come from a sheep! This isn't a bad thing; in the last 18 months the amount of jobs available to sheep shearers has rose by 38.3% due to the wool demand. Either a sick minded individual is giving sheep chemotherapy or you have more wool in your cupboard than I think! Have a great day and enjoy it because tomorrow everything's back to normal! From R."

Exam week is over! So have a great weekend!

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