Saturday, May 19, 2007

In which the author is a hypocrite

It has been perfect knitting weather here in Mount Gambier, it's been raining, cold and stormy. This promted me to get going on my thermal which I think I am going to need pretty soon. On the craftster forums there has been alot of dicussion about how much the finished piece grows in length. Since I am using merino yarn instead of a silk/merino yarn I was pretty sure my finished sweater wasn't going to grow 2 inches. To work out just how much (ala Grumperina), I decided to investigate because I needed to know so I could sleep at night. Ahem.
I threaded through 2 yarn markers 2 inches apart
I blocked it and then I measured it again.

Dada! This means that my sweater will grow about an inch. So, If I knit 13 inches total my after blocking, It should be 14 inches long. Perfect!

This proves that you do have power over how your finished sweater looks and just proves even more that you should wash your swatches, something that I probably should do.


Susan said...

Your knitting is beautiful. I love the sweater you made for your friend. Also, you've been tagged --check out my blog to find out what to do.

sue said...

Love your thermal, and so glad that it is going to turn out okay. Nothing worse than knitting something and then finding out it has stretched and become too big, or vice versa.

cranberry said...


I'm cranberry from craftster. So glad to see that you're on blogger, and am watching with great interest your thermal. Excellent! I wish to make one soon.