Monday, January 1, 2007

I am back!

On Saturday I got back from my holiday in Port pirie and Adelaide. My Mum, my two brothers and I went and visited our relatives there. The cool part is that we got to meet for the first time my 2nd or 3rd cousin, Anne, who flew from Holland with her boyfriend Peter. They were both very friendly and thier english was very good! well, they had been learning for half of thier lives. I hope that I will be able to go and travel in the near future.

Seeing that this blog is predominately a knitting/craft blog I may as well start talking about my Om's sewing/yarn/craft etc etc room. A whole room filled with stuff. Some of her stuff is really cool and unique because it is from Holland. Oma also has a spinning wheel! I desparately want to learn how to spin......but when I asked Oma if she could teach me she said that she had forgotten :( Ahhhh well. I have a artist friend who is willing to let me borrow her mum's for a while. All I need to do now is to teach myself. from Oma's stash i stumbled apon a cross stitch pattern by sara moon. I used to be into cross stitch but I kind of fell into knitting. But i gave in and 55 dollars latern I am cross stitching. I forgot how relaxing needlework is. It is coming on very fast which surprised me seeing the pattern asked for linen which looked difficult and fiddly. I wasn't sure If i should buy the linen or cop out and just buy some 18-count aida. But I bought the linen and it is actually quite easy. Will post back tomorrow with some pictures of lotsa stuff including Oma's peacocks and her really even singles and my cross stitch

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