Saturday, January 20, 2007

Becky, professional bargain hunter goes to spotlight

About a month ago I got VK holiday 2006 and loved this dress:
So, Naturally I went searhcing for a substitute yarn seeing that most of the yarn displayed in VK is either WAY too expensive or it isn't availiable. It asks for 1600 meters, which is quite a bit. I searched everywhere for a cheap sub yarn. Even Cascade 220 was out of my budget range ($80 @ $10 each). I suddenly remembered I bought a couple of bags of this really soft yarn at spotlight a couple of months ago, it was only $5 and had 200 meters to the ball! yay! I had some leftover in my stash and swatched a couple and they came up really nice. When I get to spotlight, this yarn was selling for $1 a ball!!!!! bigger yay! I present to you TLC CaraMia:

This stuff is fab! Soft, cheap,long, and really nice to knit with! I couldn't believe my luck. The angora makes this yarn. there is just enough in there to make it sooo soft and warm and to not look too cheap. The colour i used here is Cranberry. I ended up buying 8 packs :) :O

here is my dress after i got back from melbourne. as you can see it is coming along quite quickly. It is very uniquie in the way it is knitted together. It is knit horizontally and then you work a section of 100 stitches binding off every second row for one 'gore'. I think i will like this dress.

This is Brocade stitch which is used for most of the bodice:

This is garter stitch stripe which is used for the 'gores'

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