Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The sleepy sleepy sleepy.....*yawn* knitter

The sleepy knitter has been extremely sleepy the last couple of days. and I mean REALLY sleepy. BUT! even though she is feeling crap she bought herself some new yarn and now her spirits are lifted a little for now.

These two are from www.coloredjules.com.au and they are very soft and have a lot of loft. My parcel came very quick aswell only took 2 days! Yes, i know the red and yellow one is a bit bright but little bro likes things that way. The blue is lovely. The best part is they only cost 10.00 a hank for 100g. Bargain! These are going to become socks as a chrismas present for little bro no.2 and my dad. I should get them done in time. they are 8ply after all.

OOOOhh. My other bro fed one of my knitting needles to the cat on the weekend and now the tip has huge great bite marks on it. Mum says that he has to by me some new ones ;) yay! I think i will get some dpn's cos i need those most.

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