Saturday, December 9, 2006

It's a hot day.

WOW today was really hot! It was 40 degrees and it's only going to be 26 tomorrow, which is rather odd. I made some stitch markers today. When I needed to bake them i put just put them outside on a baking tray and they went rock hard. A good way to save energy! They are in the shape of a bagel and have 'cream cheese' on them. They also have a swarovski crystal on each. How cute are they? They are for sale on ebay. find them here

I have been knitting my summer top in summer tweed still. I have done everything I can without having to use a circular needle. I hope my denise set comes quick! I also ordered some handdyed yarn to knit some socks for my brother and my dad as one of thier presents for christmas.

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