Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hello Stranger.

The time that has passed since I have last posted have been packed full of great experiences. My week in Adelaide was fabulous! I learnt a lot and got a fair direction of what I should do if I choose to be an interior designer. I visited many shops and places including 'Studio Barcelona' a place to buy designer furniture where i discovered the 'Charles Eames' chair and the 'Barcelona' chair which i had never heard of before. I visited other shops which sell handles, glass and tiles. And of course, I had to visit Ikea. They had updated the fabrics and had some great sales on so I stocked up. This fabric was super cheap! The green one on the left is actually a huge print of clover in different colours

Perhaps a scrapbooking page is in order?

Last friday, I was lucky enough to go to Cirque du Soleil which were performing 'Varekai'. It was magnificent(!) and I reccomend you go if you are in Adelaide.

Also, My Dad's birthday has come and gone and unfortunately I didn't get his sweater done in time. I managed to get the whole of the body completed and seamed up so at least he could try it on after he had un-wrapped it.

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Lisa said...

Hi Becky Dee,

You are a very rare teenager indeed, you remind me of myself when I was a similar age. I'm now 40 but still feel just the same. I am like you a passionate knitter and sewer. I chose the wrong career and it has taken a long time to get back on track.

So glad to see you leaving your hometown for work experience in the city and interior design seems like a very good choice. I have to say though I was a Registered Nurse I did meet my husband while I was at Uni so it all worked out fine! I now teach embroidery, patchowrk and knitting at a local store. I do some window dressing and shop display work also. Mostly I am at home designing and writing patterns. Bliss.

Good luck with all your creative energy. I will show my 12 year old daughter your blog as she is also a keen crafter and is in the middle of some classes making a sampler quilt.